Update: Wedding Planning

Few months remaining. I haven’t found inspiration to write my usual “dark” genre of posts since last couple of months was about going full speed on the planning where it’s supposed to be filled be fun, joy and stress. I hope to reconnect with my dark side (for good reasons and blogging/sharing purposes only) shortly after the wedding. Speaking of, let’s get you up to date on the wedding planning.

I have a wedding series playlist on my channel and you can find it here.

It all started in this post announcing that I’m engaged. Then I dedicated a video on our wedding rings:

It was still very early on and I didn’t want to look crazy. I don’t think I posted much about it, I didn’t make too many videos talking about what we did either. I wanted to keep it just right since marriage isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I didn’t want it to be the only topic on my channel and rub everyone’s faces with my experience in self-planning a wedding.

First thing we knew to do was to find a venue so I contacted 8 venues in total but only shortlisted 2. Wasn’t a huge fan of the communication with one of them so I immediately got that off our list, we ended up deciding on the other of the two anyway. This was us during the visit:

After that, it was the outfits. Pre-wedding shoot and actual wedding day outfits. Most importantly, I knew I wanted to wear sneakers for my wedding way before I met my now fiancé.

He is picky with covered shoes so when I suggested LV, he told me he preferred the looks of Gucci’s sneakers; the brand in general. We went with an open mind (me mostly, he pretty much was uninterested in LV’s sneakers) to check on the fit and feel in person before the final decision.

Here I vlogged on the signing of venue contract, first hiccup faced during wedding planning and fiancé’s first time actually speaking on my channel (he still need time to get used to speaking to the camera LOL) and finally, shoe shopping in Gucci:

Then I started a new job on the same day of a completely new-to-me course starts, got a little occupied and because I wasn’t sure if everybody (thank you silent supporters, you’re equally as lovely and appreciated) was enjoying my wedding series, I gave wedding planning a break altogether.

Until an update was requested and it was time to hop back on because wedding day is only getting nearer. In which I also shared how I organize my wedding planning with so many other things going on:

We have visited our wedding invitation card printing company and while we’re still in talks, the printing should be done by mid October and we should be able to send out the invites by end October.

That’s all for now!

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