My First Underarm IPL

I’ve always been a hairy girl. Absolutely hated when anyone called me hairy but now I really don’t care.

I’ve always wanted to be completely hairless but sometimes hair grow on places we don’t want to protect. I once had a complete vagina shave that caused a lot of problems after, we’ll talk about it in another post. Today we talk about my armpits. My pits are surprisingly okay, not too hairy even if I let it grow because I was too busy to shave.


  • Young adult – I used veet hair removal cream on my arm (including underarms), legs, and front bit of a brazilian (the visible triangle part when you look down).
  • Adult (before my first IPL) – I use razors on my arm (excluding underarms), legs and front bit of a brazilian and pluck the underarms.

I have sensitive skin so I would drag out how often I use the hair removal cream. I started noticing bumps on my thighs and upper arm above the elbow (where there’s only fine and little body hair) most likely caused by the chemicals in the cream. Also ingrown hairs on my legs, and hair follicles with 2 strands of hair instead of the usual 1 strand per follicle. My armpits started to react badly to the cream if I leave it on just slightly longer than I should, feels like the duration I can leave it on kept getting shorter and shorter. To the point I don’t think it was enough time for the cream to do its job.

It was chemical burns, this cream is not suitable for such delicate areas but I used it because it was quick, painless and easy. Minor chemical burns are still painful, I just wasn’t planning to experience them at all.

My underarm became darker, probably from the healed patches. That’s when I decided to pluck. The pain was bearable, it was clean and they wouldn’t grow back more coarse than before. But as I start to have more things on my plate, I figured it is becoming too time consuming. I looked into IPL and laser hair removal treatments for a long time, both are not exactly the cheapest especially when one can do without. However, I have convinced myself that I deserve this kind of self-care and has finally committed to one type.

So here’s my experience:

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