Known to be the biggest memory hoarder, these days I’m feeling a change in me I have never felt before. Where I want to leave things I can leave behind and start again mostly because I have to. I’m happier despite still having a lot to fix; I need fixing.

I’m quite broken. There I said it. Somebody who used to be in my life, a friend who’s still important to me now told me that I am and I refuse to see that about myself even though he has never failed to see through me 90% of the times.

I see it now. I’m broken because from all that has happened to me and all the things I was told – I will get paranoid, worried and needy and I’m so sorry for that. I’m scared of basically everything now and it sucks, it really does suck.

Today is one of those days. I feel horrible. I don’t feel enough. I don’t feel like I deserve and yet I still insist on feeling. Guess I’ll never learn.

Just a heads up – Before You Fall In Love With Someone Broken Remember This

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