This is for you. The you who felt me slowly fading away.

I said to always be there for you, to help you get better, to walk through hard times with you because you are an important friend, a friend whom we share a connection – a connection you don’t find in every friendship for how easy it is now to befriend someone knowing just their name and if you’re lucky, have each other’s number saved in smartphones.

Trust me I don’t want to hurt anyone but everything about us is becoming so toxic. I can’t take away your pain forever, at the end of the day I am just a temporary figure that may haunt you permanently and I really don’t want that. I need you to be able to stand up with my help so you can do it without me, not me standing up for you.

I am so sorry. For so many things. I’m still hanging around, just please be okay and try to be happy. Always remember that your best is enough.

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