But You Loved Me Yesterday

I kept apologizing when you dumped me, not knowing what I was really sorry for. Although it would all be pointless in the end because we’re truly, not compatible. To name a few – our lifestyle and our ‘family/future/career’ goals. We have nothing to talk about and that’s a problem too. Anyway, the interest was real and I owe you an apology because of that.

Sorry I downgraded. The paper certificates, the nice guy after a bad guy, the completely opposite kind of guy you know. He was a downgrade from you but you’re still the horrible person who destroyed me.

You were so good with words. I thought I have heard it all but the same bullshit sounded so real when it they came from you.

You said you’re interested in me. You asked me not to ever leave you. You asked me to love you a lot. You said you won’t disappoint me. You looked me in the eye with so much joy as if you wanted to make me your wife.

I really liked you. I really loved you. I loved you more than I’d ever imagined to be capable of but it was just me being stupid for believing that you may be for real. I deserve a man but you’re just a boy. I deserve the world but you wouldn’t even give me a hug.

You finally confessed that you don’t love me anymore. You don’t love me anymore… but you loved me yesterday.

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