Sucks, but not really.

Doesn’t it suck to give someone the benefit of doubt only to find out they are exactly (or worse than) what you analysed them to be?

Doesn’t it suck having to have something major happen to you in order to see how much someone values you and the relationship? (we’re grown enough to know the term ‘relationship’ can refer to friendship as well, so there you go)

Doesn’t it suck, SO BAD?

Not really. I am immune to people like you. I want to see you fall. I want to see you fail in life. I don’t hate you, no, in fact I kinda like you. You know, for keeping me sane.

I got injured bad. Sent to the ER by an ambulance. I made sure to get someone to take pictures when I was on the ground bleeding and in pain, because I knew it’s going to be educational leading up to my recovery. My right leg as I’m writing this still has issue walking but I am fine.

My mom was there physically every step of the way from when after I got hurt to now, where I’m about ready to go back to work. Taking urgent leave to stay by my side and taking care of my every movement. My immediate family being dad and grandparents of both sides, my family being my uncle who stays under the same roof and two aunts (I had to be specific, I’m not about to give credit to people who doesn’t deserve it) was there as well but mentally, checking in on how I was doing and clearly, wishing me well.

My boyfriend was there every step of the way physically too, rushing down to the hospital upon hearing the news from my friend who was with me when it happened till now. He was a sweetheart during this time but currently he’s just really trying to annoy me into full recovery so I can get back at him soon.

An amazing friend, who stays at the other side of Singapore rushed down the hospital after I broke the news to him, waited patiently because he arrived before the visiting hours, just to check in on me and make sure I’m doing okay.

My friends who visited me after I got discharged, helping me to buy food, transporting to get my food cravings satisfied. And a friend I used to go to school with, checked in on me constantly to see how I was doing and if I’m feeling okay.

But you?

All you cared about was why, how and what happened. You didn’t bother asking which hospital I was in, you didn’t ask how I was doing, you didn’t ask for an update on my recovery, you didn’t even ask if I’ve been discharged. Nothing. Absolutely nothing, from a “friend” of many years.


I will never forget this part of you.

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