My Pointless View on Wuhan’s Coronavirus

Many people blamed China. Many people blamed the exotic food they consume. I think it’s neither’s fault.

This is my personal view, this is how I am reacting to everybody part of the shaming and blaming. Our government has finally implemented a deny of entry or transit on people from Hubei from entering Singapore. Confirmed cases has shot up to 13 with 3 more cases yesterday, you can be updated following this link.

A lot of the Singaporeans are signing petition to ban Chinese nationals to prevent more cases. Absolutely childish. Here’s why.

I understand that money is never the priority when it comes hand in hand with life but did you forget that it is not only necessary for the government to answer for the life of his citizens but also the financial stand of Singapore after the outbreak has died down? Yes, take one step at a time, but who’s going to take responsibility for affecting our existence in China markets? The government had to analyse in a short period of time and pick the best choice.

1) If not the economy, banning will not work.
There’s no community spread as of date, however it is proven that it spreads among Chinese nationals. There are plenty of Chinese nationals in Singapore even before they travelled over after learning about the virus.

2) If we look at how economy will be affected.
Singapore’s relationship with China. Oh, did I mention there are Singapore companies whose annual revenue mainly come from China? Those companies mean nothing to you but they will impact the economy eventually. Also, tourists play a huge part in a country’s economic health which I’m sure you already know.

3) You would have reacted worse if you had the authorities.
You failed as a citizen when you publicize hate speech as if you could’ve done better. Being angry not understanding the situation from behind the scenes, or being scared and worried for you and your family’s life is normal. But hate speech on the government? Hate speech on Chinese nationals? So united during a verbal attack, or not, from overseas (like, calm down) but so separated at a time we needed most to stay close. We can be such a joke every time it’s a matter of life and death.

We don’t deserve sympathy because we are such selfish creatures. At a time like this, a truckload markup the prices like I’d go without a mask thank you very much. Taking advantage of the situation and putting humans’ life at risk. If the virus hits our community, you know who to get.

Stay safe, wherever you are from or at. It will pass, hopefully sooner than later.

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