This Is Why I Left

I left because I wasn’t enough for you. You were so nice to everyone even when they didn’t deserve it. I’m not like that so I appreciated that you are.

I left because you always let things go my way. You let me win fights, you let me pick where to eat, you let me pick what to watch and you let me take the lead. You wouldn’t make a decision because you were afraid of making the wrong one. You didn’t want to disappoint. You were afraid of losing me. I took advantage of that, and I am sorry.

I left because I was hurting you. You truly believed in the excuses you made up. You would get drunk and tell me how horrible I am but refuse to talk about it sober. I ended up hearing from your friend, to which I burst into tears upon learning. It wasn’t because of how bad you made me look. But it’s okay.

I left because you didn’t know. You didn’t know that you shouldn’t do what you would have done but could have done.

I left because I kept my promise. “I am not going to leave you when you have nothing“. I walked with you before letting us go, before letting you go and before allowing myself to go. No more evil vibes, no more sharing ideas and thoughts to you who didn’t care, no more judging your judgments when it comes to people you want to hang around because I finally understood.

They weren’t enough for me but they were for you.

And so I left because you were more like them than you were like me.

Happy singles day to the you 10 years ago who didn’t say and happy singles day to the me 10 years ago who didn’t see.

Happy Singles’ Day to both us who don’t need it anymore.

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