Circuit Breaker officially started on 7th April for working adults, 8th for students. Today Mcdonald’s put a pause on their takeaway services. It’s been over almost two weeks since the CB. How are you guys holding up?

Everybody (ok, I meant most of us) locked up at home while essential workers continued going on with their routine except having a harder time outside due to the changes. While food and healthcare are both essentials… is compassion not?

When I said “humans are bad by nature” I don’t mean for them to be so ugly though I won’t be surprised if we looked at earth as a whole; and not by countries. The virus took and affected many lives, but you gotta admit that it also took away some kindness you thought can never be shifted among the people in Singapore.

We (my boyfriend & I) built this one time Animal Crossing: New Horizons campaign to show appreciation to all essential workers and to lend a voice, reaching the few people who still supports my blog and YouTube.

Animals are the most helpless in this situation, there’s no $600 from the government to get them through this period. There’s no leftover food at hawkers, it’s a lot harder for them to look for any source of food in such a dead city. And as helpless as I was for what happened to my own beloved devil which I am still extremely ashamed of, if hate on me is what it takes to give a little push to the little good that still exists, I will gladly accept.

Singapore: Causes for Animals

Rest of the world: Animal Defenders International

ACNH Island: Fail by SINNER and FAILURE

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