Declaration of War

An acquaintance unfriended me on Facebook. Another two acquaintances blocked me on Instagram. Now before you tell me how petty I am to even be talking about these incidents, this is not me trying to whine to my daddy about how people don’t want to be my friend anymore. Heck let me first get this clear, you three specific acquaintances weren’t friends to me, I talked to you only because you were in the circle of someone I cared about. I wouldn’t even take another glance at you otherwise. Oh, I forgot about that ‘friend’ who unfriended me after adding my boyfriend/s at the time. She even hung out with one of them after our breakup. Nice.

People I personally know who unfollows me and show me an attitude in real life? You’re part of this damn post too. Unfollowing is fine, you’re not interested in my life anymore, I completely understand. I’m uninterested most of the time too, just kidding I’m actually a genuine person. What did I do to deserve being treated like I was getting bullied all over again in middle school? Thought I got out of that phase but you filthy rotten mouth decided it was okay to be rude. Can you not provoke me? Do not provoke me.

No threats, I mean I can’t do anything about your questionable behaviour. I’m just saying don’t, that’s all.

I did absolutely nothing wrong. I may be too harsh sometimes, I may be too much for some people sometimes, but honestly.. I literally did. not. do. anything. to. them. I treated them with respect regardless because I’ve grown up being belittled my entire life so I know how it feels. Worse, I valued each of them once. I have tried to get along. I have tried to coexist. But that’s on me, I was foolish.

Oh and the fake accounts trying to sneak up on me? Yeah, I kinda figured that out. Please just use your real accounts, save the hassle to switch between accounts and I’d be less disgusted, it’s a win-win. I already know I’m still part of your conversations anyway. I watched you all for a period of time when I was with him and I pick up fast, did you forget that? Right, you didn’t notice because you’re too busy gossiping about his other girl.

Let me give you a hint: details.

I understand it may be because of the things you heard and it’s a friend’s job to give support no matter how twisted they are, even if it means they were the problem; it’d still be my fault. I get that. But I can guarantee that you’re on the wrong side.

See I can’t help you if you made no mistakes in life, I can’t help you if you have different morals than I do, I can’t help you if you want to pity the weak when the strong was actually the victim this time, I can’t help you if you’re STUPID.

The least they could do is to live up the attitude. Make up your mind if you want to be against me or with me is all I’m trying to say. Have some dignity for yourself because when I decide you’re against me, we’re done. Zero chance of redemption. Not even the slightest chance. So you best check whether if you once hated me so much, you did something that could’ve had your existence be deemed as unworthy for me now. Because the next time things come to me, you’re gone.

You may be up for a battle but I’m always ready for war. That’s our difference. Step up or get lost.

I’m done with your fake asses.

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