What I’ve Been Up To #2

First time I wrote a brief update was in April last year. I have gone missing from YouTube for 3 weeks and Instagram for 4 weeks. I’m not back yet but here’s what I have been up to since the last update on my blog.


‣ One more assignment to hand in before the end of this semester.

‣ I will be on my final school semester soon after.


‣ Made a sacrifice to leave my previous job. I loved my job.


‣ Overwhelmed with every damn thing but surviving.


‣ We are talking about wedding and planning slightly on our own pace.

‣ It will not be anytime soon because we have too many things on plate at the moment.

‣ Oh! We failed May BTO exercise and had been trying for awhile now.


‣ Pre-filmed one or two videos during WFH but I haven’t got the time to even LOOK AT THE CLIPS. (very annoyed)

‣ Next video will be up on 7 September 2020, Monday at 7:30PM. I’m staying home and have the whole day to rest (who am I kidding, I could never stop) and edit.


‣ No drafts or inspirations to work on but I’ll get there after things calm down.


Thank you for understanding.

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