What I’ve Been Up To #3

Last time I updated my life was August last year. Yes I just uploaded the August’s update earlier today, it was sitting in my drafts for some odd reason so I backdated it. I’m most active on Instagram, feel free to head over if you’re interested. Alternatively I’ve been able to catch up with my YouTube schedule.


‣ Completed my final year. Now waiting for results, should be out in April. Hope I pass.

‣ Received the offer letter to enroll for Legal Executive Studies. Can’t wait.


‣ I want to earn more, eventually. (who doesn’t?)


‣ I haven’t been very mentally healthy and happy. I’m happy but I’m not, you know? Money.

I always say “it’s not a problem if the problem revolves around money” and I still stand by that a hundred percent. Obviously being financially responsible for your life choices plays a huge part in my bold statement.

Money is something I think about all the time (I can’t help it, I handled money throughout my entire career) but it’s the one thing I don’t stress over. Having my years of education and work experience, I achieved the skills and knowledge to find a way to work around what I have but in all honesty, I think I deserve more. Also because I do need more. With increasing commitments, I am getting frustrated with my inability to bring what I think is enough to the table; financially.

All that said, perhaps it’s my own expectations for myself and I don’t actually worth that much.


‣ Still the same man. We have decided on our wedding date and it will be at the end of this year.

‣ We secured our apartment and are looking to get keys between 2023 and 2025. (they said 2023 but it’s not fixed)


‣ Committed to upload once a week or once every two weeks. I’ll normally update on Instastory if I have to skip more than one week.


‣ Was looking for a new layout the past few months but still liked the simplicity of this current one the most.

‣ I haven’t been actively looking for inspiration but I still come back to pen my choppy thoughts each time I get that flick of lightbulb. I might give my drafts a look through, edit and publish those that are presentable; even though I may not be feeling the post at the exact moment I post it if that’s the case.

Thanks for sticking around. Also, thank you for 24 blog followers!

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