We’re Engaged

So damn official. I have a fiancé and I’m someone’s fiancée.

I am a life planner, doesn’t matter if things might not go as planned, as long as I have a brief timeline of what to expect e.g. goals before 30. We talk about our future together a lot and especially so in the recent years after we decided on a year that we potentially would get married. In the beginning of 2020, I insisted on having an estimation so we can both work towards it, prepare the details or in-betweens instead of living life aimlessly.

I wasn’t rushing the man to marry me, I was giving him a little push for the good of our future. Don’t worry, he appreciates my push. You know what they say, behind every successful man is a strong woman. We both live by that to better ourselves as individuals and as a couple.

Anyway, we’re engaged, video below.

He had this huge plan for the proposal in his head but faced issues with time (congratulations came a little late but congrats on getting a promotion at work, I’m proud of you) and social distancing rules. Despite all that, it’s safe to say that our wedding proposal went beautifully; with the help of my mom being a double spy because we kinda planned to propose to each other on the same day.

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