What I’ve Been Up To

Hi. Some of you might know me as the one who is always sad or angry, or both. So if you don’t already know, I have a YouTube channel and I have been taking breaks very so often. I feel like I need to explain myself whenever I do, so much that it all feels like nothing but excuses.

Hence deciding to direct everybody here and update you guys on my life.


‣ Part Time three days a week at Temasek Poly

‣ First semester is over and I did surprisingly well

‣ Driving lessons once a week


‣ I received the news that I’m going to lose my job right before heading to Korea, it’s P&C so all I can say is my boss had to let me and some of my other colleagues go.

‣ Found a job, started the week after getting back. The queen takes no break.


‣ Tired, always exhausted after work. Need sleep.

‣ Successfully completed bullet journaling for March but haven’t started on April.


‣ We are planning to potentially apply for May’s BTO launch unless unforeseen circumstances occur. I know what you’re thinking “WHAT, please don’t be like last time, are you really sure this time??” yes.


‣ Got to try to edit my KOREA HAUL, if it’s 100% unacceptable then I’ll have to re-film.

‣ Need to start with editing my KOREA VLOG too.


‣ I have 3 posts on hand, just need to edit a little and schedule it on my calendar for publishing.


I’m sure you’ll understand.

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