Hi it’s been a long while. I didn’t pay close to $100 for my blog to let it rot. So hi, finally. Thanks for sticking around.

This entire week I’ve been:

  • working almost 11 hours a day (12 hours because I didn’t have time to enjoy my 1h worth of lunch break; my dept’s too busy)
  • surviving on 1h of alone time after showering and late dinner

I don’t feel bad for myself, I don’t feel angry too.

Not complaining, rather I wanted to share with you that this is what adulting is. This is how the working society is like. This is what it’s like when you hit your mid 20s.

Your body is starting to slow down because it’s ageing but this is when you’ve gathered enough experience, enough knowledge, enough confidence to actually begin living. You will also soon learn that your life requires a lot more work than all the puppy love “love is hard work” bullshit.

Real love shouldn’t require more work than the work and effort required towards a better future for yourself and your soon-to-be own little family.

If you can’t relate to this, good for you. I truly hope you’d never have to. But if you want to start a family (eg. get married and all that stuff) yet you can’t relate and you’re not wealthy, there will come a time where you WISHED you had fought hard/harder in your 20s/30s – piece of advice to the younger audience.

I now understand what “I’m working for a better future” means.

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