Something I always talk about but the very thing that could feel so unfamiliar at times.

I am learning so much about myself and others in this short few years and I have come to a conclusion where I will start taking bullshit as it is.

No more making excuses for people. No more having people go “oh she’d come back” or “well she’d understand” because I don’t have to understand to accept that you’d only care when it’s convenient. Therefore I will not stay if there is no good reason to, too. I am not going to allow myself to run to the door to greet you when I hear the digital lock goes off like a puppy. The audacity to think I’d stick around. I mean, what makes you think I would stick with you till the end if you’re making me feel like a “just in case” to you?

I am not desperate for anyone. I don’t need to cling onto the emotional connections I established with people who end up not mattering. I don’t need that and I most certainly don’t need you.

I am done and already one foot out the door.

Really sick of it at this point to be honest. Too attached and too emotional. That’s not me at all but it seems like that’s what I have become trying to get to know myself a little better, trying to allow myself to feel a little more. I hate that side of me especially when I’m struggling with myself a lot lately. Leave me be, I’m okay, it’s just some other thing I need to go through.

I am focusing on myself is all I’m trying to say.

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