At the wrong time

Stop. Stop overthinking it.

“How much of it is a joke now?” he asked.

This is the thing about dating isn’t it? It gets more serious the more times you guys hang out regardless of whether or not you are looking to get anything out of it. It doesn’t matter if the two of you are on the same page about drawing the line where a committed relationship is not on the table for many valid reasons.

It does not matter; you will still grow more attached and emotionally invested to the other person. So you pull away, you both do. Oh that’s actually kinda sad.

“Take me as it is.” I thought to myself as I wanted to tell him that it can all be just for fun (till it isn’t and we will deal with that when it happens) but instead I told him there’s only two ways this could go because it has to end somewhere.

My heart sank when he said “if only we didn’t meet the way we met, and with our baggages.” – wow, felt it again. We don’t have to do this. Let me be a friend instead.

Because maybe, meeting someone at the wrong time simply means that the person was never the right one.

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