Don’t mean anything

Stop overthinking it. This time it’s a reminder to myself.

I wrote about how I wish I could explain to this good man that it doesn’t have to be so complicated but I noticed I tend to do the same.

Me: Are you caressing me or trying to seduce me?
Him: Caressing you.
Me: You’re confusing me.
Him: Why?
Me: You’re extremely affectionate today and I don’t know what it means.
Him: It doesn’t have to mean anything.


Me: There’s no way all of that meant nothing.
Him: Why does it have to?
Me: Lesson learnt. I’m not going to search for answers.

He laughs.

See, I don’t know what that means but you know what – when someone tells you something, take it at face value. Do not question and just take it as it is. Or else you will only have yourself to blame when it all falls apart.

I cared for you but it doesn’t have to mean anything. You helped me but it doesn’t have to mean anything. We spent so much time together but that didn’t have to mean anything too.

Alright, sure it doesn’t have to mean anything, but it meant something somewhere at some point and I guess knowing that… was enough for me.

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