I’m in an area I don’t have friends or acquaintances around, all by myself and I would never go far alone so it’s safe to say I have stepped out of my comfort zone unknowingly. Everything feels so unknown like I could use some company.

Aimless, really aimless. First I felt lonely then I felt lost, but now I feel okay, actually kinda good. I’m glad I didn’t get anyone to come meet me; that is if I have anyone to travel to where I am for me on a Monday night. 

I’m anything but independent. I’ve never met anyone more dependent than I am of the people around me, that’s because I depend on the people I meet. I also never had a problem finding someone to accompany me out because if I can’t find anyone, I rather not go out at all.

This is my first time going far from home alone and being okay with it. I feel like I need more of this, I need to be alone more to understand the beauty of being alone and see that it doesn’t have to be lonely.

I think I’m a grown up now. Shit.

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