This Is How I Get Over

This is how I heal. This is how I am. You can hate me for all I care.

I talk about it. To people I know, to people I don’t. Online and offline. I mean what the heck was I supposed to do? This is what I do. My people are wise enough to know that it’s just my side of the story, that we had our good times, that just because I got my heart broken by you doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

I can’t talk people out of thinking this as an immature approach, but I hope one day they will see how many people I’ve helped.

I’m known to get over things pretty quickly, because I understand that sometimes things are not meant to be, I understand that some people never planned to stay for long, I understand that I’m not for everyone. I understand that I can be overwhelming and difficult. I am, difficult.

I used to handle getting over someone (be it romantic relationship or relationships with people in general) with anger, so what happens if you’re just… miserable?

I set myself free. Free from pretending to be okay when I’m not, free from fighting the tears, free from struggling to get through another day without him. I let myself shatter into as many pieces as it always hurt more than the previous. My heart aches each time tears fall from both eyes simultaneously. But I let go of myself.

It is when I read back texts from before and after the separation with a straight face, when I talk about us without having to fight back the sunken heart, when I listen to our song without tearing and when I do whatever that will remind myself of you without feeling empty.

Have you gotten over us yet?

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