How Are You Ken?

It has been more an a year since I talked about you. How are you?

I said goodbye but I have so many things to tell you because you used to listen to everything I had to say, you used to advise which are the bad guys I should stay away from. You used to be there, always, whenever I needed someone.

I used to be like a younger sister. You took care. You protected. I used to be like a younger sister. I… used to be like a younger sister till you stepped over the line. You expressed fear. I assured you that I’m now an adult. I forgave you. Then we were fine, or so I thought.

Good company for each other. Loved alcohol. Lots of laughter. So much comfort, a little too much. Lots of friendly hugs because we were huggers. Then vulnerability and transparency. Then.. give me awhile to think what else happened.

But how are you?

Oh, I think I kinda pissed you off. I got a bit too reliant. Too needy of you. As so I was told. I stepped back. Then I thought we were okay again; we weren’t.

And here we are now.

So how are you?
Wait don’t tell me, let me finish.

You said I misunderstood us. But Ken, it was me and you – two lonely people who needed accompany, and then you finally decided to leave me heartbroken when I least expected it.

I never misunderstood the standing of us for there was no ‘us’, it was just you pretending to be my friend.

And me believing that you are.

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